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Carburetor Cleaner

Aerosol, 400 ml

A blend of solvents specifically formulated to dissolve and clean the residue deposited on carburetors and chokes during the normal operation of a motor vehicle or other gasoline engine-powered equipment. High pressure spray cuts and removes grease and varnish.

How To Use

  1. Shut engine off.
  2. Protect painted surfaces from overspray.
  3. Remove air cleaner or air-intake duct into throttle body. Place towel underneath to collect residue.
  4. Clean carburetor/throttle body and linkage. Spray choke while working by hand.
  5. Spray down carburetor throat to blast deposits from the lower throttle plate.
  6. For a throttle body, spray liberally while moving butterfly valve.
  7. Disconnect PCV valve and spray directly into unit. If sprayed on painted surface, wash off immediately.
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Suggested application

Manual and automatic chokes, baffle plates, air intakes, carburetors, linkages, throttle bodies, heat risers, PCV valves

Product ID Format Capacity
85113 Aerosol 400 ml
Product ID Tech Doc File
85113 MSDS

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