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Brake & Parts Cleaner

Aerosol, 500 ml

Specifically formulated to aggressively remove oil, grease, brake fluids, oxidized oils (gum) and asphalt from all types of brakes and other automotive parts. It penetrates through dirt and corrosion and flushes them away, eliminating the need to disassemble. It leaves no residue, dries fast and is non-corrosive to metals. Developed for brake professionals. Contains no ODCs.

How To Use

  1. Protect painted surfaces, C.V. boots and all parts made of plastic and rubber from overspray.
  2. Shake well.
  3. First spray the surfaces gently from a distance to wet down hazardous surface dust (which may still contain asbestos fibers and other harmful particles) to prevent them from becoming airborne.
  4. Then they can be more safely flushed down and off the parts without being breathed.
  5. Hold can upright and spray liberally on all parts to be cleaned.
  6. Allow to air dry or wipe with soft cloth.
  7. Repeat application if necessary.
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Suggested application

All brake systems, C.V. joints, machinery, tools, farm equipment -

Heavy Duty

Suggested application

Dissolves grease, dirt and oil from parts on chassis. Prepares mating surfaces for Permatex® products.


Suggested application

All brake systems, drums, calipers, discs, shoes, pads, cylinders, and any degreasing project.

Product ID Format Capacity
12813 Aerosol 500 ml
Product ID Tech Doc File
12813 MSDS

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